Rescue Kit Bag AFZ177150

Authorised Distributor: Northrock Safety Equipment Pte Ltd

Ref. No. AFA 940010 AFZ177150

. Rescue Kit Bag 30L A specialized rescue bag designed to store personal rescue equipment for emergency situations. This lightweight, compact and practical bag can be worn tight at your body, making recovery easier and alleviating the burden of carrying rope, equipment and gear. This leaves both hands free for the rescuer to assist in the retrieval of another person.

Feature s

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Back Pack Style

Compact & lightweight design

Adjustable straps Waterproof Large capacity Comfortable padding

Heavy duty

Spacious compartments

• Side attachment point to secure Telescopic rescue pole • Can carry up to 150m of 11mm Kernmantle Rope

Capacity 30L

Materi al 500d PVC Tarpaulin

Weigh t 1.34 k g

Size 27 x 70 cm

Colou r Black & Red

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