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Our programme #phAMBITION is Polyco Healthline's new sustainability programme. It aims to build upon our sustainability successes so far and set new targets and goals whilst unlocking the power of change. Our programme is aimed at addressing the social and environmental challenges of the next decade with commitments to improve the lives and wellbeing of our people with the smallest environmental footprint. We have considered the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) against our value chain to better understand risks and opportunities and drive positive change. That is why our strategy is focused on addressing key sustainability impacts and opportunities throughout our value chain. We are focusing on the importance of a holistic approach to sustainability development and improving wellbeing. At Polyco Healthline, we are continuously looking for global trends fuelling a regenerative approach to protect our People and Planet building circular inclusive value chain, with positive choices. phAMBITION is Polyco Healthline's journey towards a sustainable future which supports a healthy, thriving world and promotes well-being for us all, for generations to come. This is a fundamental transformation of what we do, to create growth and shared value whilst keeping sustainability at our core. We have structured our ambitions into '5 R's'. These will form the cornerstone of our sustainability programme.

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Our 2030 agenda represents a fundamental shift in thinking, recognising the interconnected imperative of a prosperous business, a thriving society, and a healthy environment. We are driving sustainable profit via triple-bottom-line, encompassing people, planet, and product leading transformation change goals for 2030.


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