Polyco Automotive Catalogue

Expert Eye If you need specialist advice, wouldn’t it be great to easily contact an expert in their field? We thought so. Now you can access the knowledge your customers or workforce need, and ultimately make your world and that of your customers, safer and cleaner. We’ve assigned ten experts from within the Polyco Healthline family to be there for you. Product developers, compliance gurus and sector specialists – together their expertise is unrivalled. Read more and find their contact details on our website: https://www.polycohealthline.com/services/ experts/

Our Services Summary

Technical Excellence It’s rare for providers to offer a state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facility as part of their service. Polyco Healthline does, and it underpins our product development and your customers’ health and safety. In our laboratory, we work alongside some of the freshest minds in the UK and abroad – from universities to research bodies. We test out new ideas based on customer insight, learn what works best and then apply our learning to multiply our products’ benefits. And rather than waiting on a third-party provider, our UKAS accredited laboratory can perform compliance testing to streamline product development and aid with benchmarking – saving time and money.


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