Polyco Automotive Catalogue

What are we doing about it at a sourcing level? We work actively with our supply partners abroad to implement environmentally sustainable initiatives. These are chosen to reduce impact wherever possible. Whether it is powering factories with renewable energy sources, or recycling DMF chemicals in the production of polyurethane coatings, environmental sustainability plays a leading role in decision making. Our Polyflex Eco manufacturing partner alone recycles 120,000 tonnes of water annually, whilst using solar panels for power, and transporting workers by electric buses.

Our Services Green Promise

What are we doing about it at a packaging level? We’ve embarked on the largest packaging review in the history of our reusable gloves. Our Environmental, Social and Governance pledge is to reduce 40 tonnes of single use plastic packaging from our product offering. We have now started to introduce paper band packaging for both primary and secondary packaging. We have removed over 8 tonnes of plastic packaging from our product range so far. Our journey continues and we are aspiring to achieve so much more! Aware of knee-jerk reactions to environmental issues, we were careful when designing our paper band packaging to reduce the total packaging weight from the plastic packing currently used. By incorporating the user information within the design, we negate the need for an additional paper technical information sheet to be sent. In April 2022, the UK government brought the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) into force. The tax is levied at a rate of £200/tonne on all plastic packaging manufactured in or imported into the UK with less than 30% recycled content. We understand that not all of our products are acceptable in paper bands, and for those that must remain in plastic, where possible we will be using at least 30% recycled content.


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