KStrong SRL (Sharp Edge) 6m AFS550006SE

3. POSSIBLE USAGE : The Leading Edge Retractable Fall Arrester can be used as a part of a fall arrest system or as a part of a restraint system. If using as a part of fall arrest system, a suitable anchor point (above the user’s head, at least 12kN) shall be used. Attachments to the anchor points and o condition. Ÿ Material of the Lanyard ther equipment shall be made using oval Karabiners to EN362. The equipment is to be used specifically in vertical as well as horizontal

for wire rope block - 4.8mmGalvanized steel wire. for webbing block - 25mmpolyester textile webbing.


HOWTOUSE FollowStep 1 to Step 2 to use this equipment.

Step 1 :

Connect the anchorage eye of Retractable Block to a suitable anchorage point situated either above the user's head or in horizontal direction using carabiners (EN 362) & ensure carabiners are locked. Now Connect the hook at attachment end of Retractable to the dorsal attachment of your full body harness. User is now safe tomove in normal speed. In the event of a fall, Retractable block locks and also minimizes the impact forces on the body of user, both in vertical and horizontal direction.

Step 2:

* This Block can also be used in horizontal direction.


ADVICE& INFORMATION : Ÿ The Retractable Fall Arrester should be the personnel property of the user. Ÿ Ensure that the Retractable Fall Arrester is compatible with other items when assembled into a system. Ÿ Usage with other un-compatible items may be dangerous & hazardous as the safe function of one itemmay be affected or interferes with the safe function of another. Ÿ The user should carry out a pre-use check of the Retractable Fall Arrester, to ensure that it is in a serviceable condition and operates correctly before it is used. Ÿ The pre-use check shall involve checking of any wear or abrasion on wire ropes/webbing and sign of corrosion, if any, on metal parts or any breakage of the casing. Ÿ Withdraw from use immediately if there is any doubt about its safe condition or if it has already arrested a fall, the equipment shall not be used again until confirmed in writing by a competent person that it is acceptable to do so. Ÿ Ensure that the strength of the anchor device is greater than 12kN. Ÿ Use Carabiner conforming to EN 362 for connecting to the anchor points. Ÿ It is advisable to use the dorsal attachment D-Ring of the harness for connection to the Retractable Fall Arrester. Ÿ However if it is not possible for any reason, the chest attachment element may also be used. Ÿ It is essential to verify that a minimum 4ms height of free space is available below the user's feet & the ground level at the work place, so that in case of a fall, there will be no collision with the ground or other obstacle in the fall path. Ÿ Following conditions may be hazardous &may affect the performance of Retractable Fall Arrester:- Ÿ Extreme temperature Ÿ Trailing or looping of Lanyards over leading edges. Ÿ Extreme acidic or basic environments. Ÿ Abrasive or sharp edge structures which can damage the equipment. Ÿ Pendulum falls. Ÿ Ensure that manufacturer’s packing is used during transportation to prevent damage. In case original packing is not available, use polybag which is sealed to prevent moisture. Ÿ It is essential for the safety of the user that if the product is resold outside the original country of destination, the reseller shall provide instruction for use, for maintenance, for periodic examination and for repair in the language of the country in which product is to be used. Ÿ This is advised that annual inspection should be done by competent person & if any discrepancy is found in product, service will be done at authorized service center only.


Additional information as per VG 11 a. It is possible to use a horizontal retractable type fall arrester over an edge typeA b. It is recommended to avoid the loading of the retractable type fall arrester over edges.


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